Welcome and thank you for your interest in DAVID MORENO PHOTOGRAPHY.

In general we use a photo journalist style of wedding photography for all events not only wedding coverages and all pre-wedding events.

We hope you like what you see and read and if you are interested and would like to meet us and talk just lets us know!

David and his team like a journalistic approach, they are storytellers. We therefor ask you not to pose, but to experience the day as if we are not present. This way we can capture the authentic and wonderful emotions of you and your family and friends. The laughs ass well as the tears.

Your big day will become a story you will look back upon with a smile.

A beautiful day in your life, with the people you love, which will always remain through the photos.

We need two ingredients from you to make the wedding photography as extraordinary as possible. Those are your trust and your confidence. If you trust us we can do our work well and feel the freedom to make the best pictures of every special moment.

You will get the most creative photos we can make and we can photograph your unique story as pure, true and authentic as possible.